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1959 Toyota


This 1959 Toyota Landcruiser is one of the earliest arrivals in Australia - Landcruisers first went on sale here in 1958.

This truck was brought by Joe Cunningham and used in his timber business on Fraser Island, Queensland. The Chassis was lengthened and the tray added.

the vehicle subsequently passed through the hands of Andy Poston, Ray Downs who replaced the engine and Trevor Gallagher, Sid Melksham brought the vehicle in 1994 to use as a rubbish truck around the Eurong Beach Resort on Fraser Island.

Peter Young brought the vehicle home  from Fraser Island in 2007 and after assessing its merits asked Sid Melsham would he donate it to the Mount Bauple Museum. This happened in 2008 after Peter had done some work on it.

Picture are all those who had ownership at some stage.




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