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Bauple Sugar Mill

Mount Bauple Central Mill 

The Mount Bauple Central Mill was the biggest central mill established in the Maryborough district                        (Click here for the  full story)

At a meeting in the Mt. Bopple Provisional School on 8 December 1893, the thirty farmers in attendance voted to form The Mount Bauple Central Mill Company with a capital of 20,000 in 4 shares, Five days later the Company was incorporated with L. Biddies as Chairman, A. MacKellar as Secretary, Stringer as Treasurer and J. Bates, J. Stratford, J. Puddle and W. Ashton as provisional Directors. During its 54 years of operation, Bauple Mill seemed as much dogged by bad luck and poor seasons as by lack of capital and, at times, poor management. No sooner had the Mill been established in 1896 than the Great Drought of 1898 to 1902 devastated the land. The Mill had insufficient cane to warrant crushing in 1902 and again in 1919 and 1932. The 1932 drought left Bauple with an estimated crop of only 8,000 tonnes.  There was drought again in 1942, compounded by the fact that, this being the height of the Second World War, there was a lack of manpower, transport and fertiliser for agricultural ventures. Still the Mill directors refused to accept the inevitable and Bauple Mill lurched on for a further six years until, faced with insoluble financial and maintenance problems, it was forced to close in 1951.


Mill Barricks View from the mill of Bauple township Cane cutters


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